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How to get interview ready in 10 days

Preparing for an interview requires a lot of hard work and clarity in mind. Knowledge is important but what makes the actual difference is how correctly you are able to apply your knowledge to resonate with the interviewer. Cracking an interview depends a lot upon how well you are prepared not just in your subject matter but also in gauging the expectations of the interviewer.

Getting a Job is a lengthy process which starts from getting an interview call. Most of us use various online platforms to apply for jobs. The actual anxiety starts when we realise that the interview has been scheduled and there is hardly any time in hand to prepare. Therefore, remaining prepared always is the key to getting through the interview. A lot of information is available these days on the internet about how to crack an interview, but we are here to provide a proper foundation to your interview preparations and how you can ace your skills by working towards it for a few days.

Here is a robust plan to get interview ready in 10 days.

Day-1 Understand your career path.
Spend the first day introspecting your own expectations. It is the most important aspect. You must be well versed about all phases of your life and about what exactly do you want out of the job that you wish to apply and eventually work for. Lack of clarity towards the own goals of life can be detrimental to any achievement in terms of self-satisfaction and career success. Therefore, spend substantial time to identify your strengths and how can those strengths be utilized for your career gains. 

Day 2-Research on the industry
Next step is to gain a thorough knowledge of the industry in which you wish to work, or you might have received an interview call from. Main points to focus upon would be knowing how the industry has shaped up in the last few years, Key players in the industry, Its market value, and the future depictions. Need to understand how long the industry had been functioning and also what would be the impact on the market forces in case of uncertainties. 

Day-3 Research the product
Having a deep-rooted knowledge about the product is the biggest tool which can outshine you in an interview. The product can be a tangible one or a service being offered. The foremost requirement is to know each detail about it. A proper product knowledge would lead to a more confident self while answering related questions which would definitely bring about a positive image of yourself in front of the interviewers. Use the power of internet to get into an in-depth research about the product and its uses. Also, you can talk to seniors or related people who have dealt with similar range of products to get their point of view on the same. 

Day-4 Know your Peers
Next important step is to know what your counterparts are doing. Take the help of LinkedIn to understand what people in related industry at your desired position are doing. Study their career path and learn about their supervisors. Also try to find out how have they climbed up the professional ladder. This knowledge would bring more clarity to your vision and would help you prepare for important interview questions focused on your vision and goals.

Day-5 Work Upon your Resume
After gaining a full-fledged knowledge about your career expectations, industry, and peers, it’s time to make some tweaking to your resume. Incorporate those minute changes which might make your resume stand out in the crowd. Also add those important points which you might have noticed in the resumes of your peers while doing your research.

Day-6 Brush up your technical Knowledge
Many interviews have technical rounds for which you might need to open your books or get into the online learning mode. Being strong with your fundamental education is of foremost importance as the same would help you qualify the first step during the interview. Brush up your knowledge and revise the important topics in detail. 

Day 7- Work on list of expected questions
Take a full day to make a list of possible questions. You can get a lot of help on the internet, but it would be beneficial if you use your network to connect with people on similar positions. Try to find out what kind of questions were they asked and then make a list of those questions. Now prepare smart answers and try to gauge cross questioning possibilities as well. Spend an exhaustive day to resonate these questions throughout in your mind.

Day-8 Work on your Confidence and Body Language.
Once you are well versed with your technical knowledge as well as the other related inputs like industry and peers, its time to build upon your self-confidence. Try preparing the basic questions like “Tell me something about yourself” or “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” Also focus on questions like “What are your greatest achievements”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses” and such related common questions. Also try to prepare the common questions related to your industry. This activity will lead to building up your control on your mind. If possible, you can prepare while standing in front of the mirror. This activity will surely help boost your self-confidence.

Day-9 Interview outfit
Keep two sets of outfits ready all the time for any sudden interview calls. Ensure the outfit must be proper formals, thoroughly cleaned and ironed. Your choice of outfit reflects your personality, therefore, choose an outfit colour which is not flashy. Prefer base or light
colors. Do not forget to keep your shoes shiny and clean.

Day- 10 Interview bag
Keep a bag ready all the time with two sets of your resume, a notepad, a pen, and other important interview related items depending upon your scope of work. If the product you deal with needs a display, keep one set of that as well. Ensure your bag is free from all junk items.

Follow this schedule to get interview ready in 10 days. These steps would surely prepare you from the basic and help you build your outlook towards the interview. Don’t forget to wear your confidence and smile at all times to reflect a positive vibe in front of the interviewer.

A Concluding tip: if you get a chance, don’t forget to research about the interviewer and try to prepare upon his pattern of questions. This really help.

Best Wishes to all!

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