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Resumes that will get you hired

Do you know, it takes an average of just 6-8 seconds for an interviewer to scan through a Resume? So, you can very well understand how important it is to create a resume which will have an extraordinary impact in less than 10 seconds. There are hundreds of applications lying with a recruiter at any point in time and it is necessary to prepare the resume in such a way so that it stands out always.

Ignifycareers.com, a leading Career consultancy of Hyderabad, suggests that only those resumes get the highest visibility and acceptability which successfully reflect the true persona of the candidate and are able portray the bio data in the correct pattern and type.

Let us now understand how to write a resume which will get you hired.

There are three types of resumes which are globally accepted. Chronological, Functional and Combination. It is of utmost importance to select the correct type depending upon your experience and career graph.

Confused which type to choose and how? Read further to get more clarity.

A Chronological Resume

This pattern reflects your work history chronologically. It incorporates a list of your career progression, changes you have made in your job, company switches, designation changes and other such details in a proper ascending or descending order.


When to choose this Resume type?

You must choose this format only when you have no gaps in your career path and have a proper list of accomplishments to show. This helps the recruiters shortlist resumes faster as they can view the most relevant experience on top and viewing your career ladder becomes easier.

Though this is the most widely used format, most candidates make the mistake of sticking to this format even when they are not the right fit . This is the main reason for not been able to make a resume which can get you hired.

So lets see what are the other types and which one could be the right fit. 

          A Functional Resume

Rather than having your work history listed one after the other, this format essentially focuses on your relevant job experiences and skillsets. This format might replace your year-on-year work activities to focus purely on your expertise.

When to choose this Resume type?

This format must be chosen when you either have gaps in your working history or you have changed your industry of work. This pattern will help you make an impactful resume by highlighting your skills and not reflecting your gaps and changes substantially.

 This format helps those recruiters who wish to hire candidates basis their skill sets and expertise.


Combination Resume

This format is a mix of both chronology and functional resumes. It tries to provide a combination of the highest technical skills portraying all achievements in a particular sequence.


When to choose this Resume?

If you have a technical skill which you have honed over a long career path, a combination resume is the best for you.

This format helps the recruiters greatly in analysing the skill sets  while matching the required span of work. 

Therefore, to get hired, your resume must reflect your career graph perfectly. Resume must be eye catching. You must also simultaneously pay utmost attention to other details. Ensure your resume is free from any typos and spelling mistakes. Always have a professional email id and avoid having lengthy introduction/Summary. Keep your resume to the point and crisp.

Stick to these points and we are sure you would soon get that much coveted interview call and eventually get hired.

You can login at www.ignifycareers.com and take expert help to get a resume designed.

Best Wishes!

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